Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Many times we’re asked dental questions concerning children, but perhaps the most common are, ‘Is there a pediatric dentist near me, and how do I find one.’

Dental Care For ChildrenAll qualified dentists are capable of treating children, but dental care for kids is a field that some dentists prefer to specialize in.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to:

  • Avoiding the onset of tooth decay in children
  • Providing non stressful dental care for children

Looking after the teeth of a child right from infancy throughout childhood and into the teens, the dentist is in the unique position of being about to observe any changes.

The dentist can spot irregularities in the teeth, and if the teeth are growing out of shape they can act quickly.

Specializing in children’s teeth problems, the dentist is able to find the right solution, and if dental braces are required the best retainers for the child will be chosen.

The development of dental caries in childhood can result in a negative effect on that child for rest of their life.

Toothache in children is not only painful for the child, but it’s painful for you to watch too.

As tooth decay takes hold and the baby teeth fall out they will be replaced with their adult teeth. If these teeth go the same way then end result can be years of painful toothache and dentistry bills.

Therefore another part of the pediatric dentist’s job is:

How Do I Find Pediatric Dentists Near Me?

Most people have heard of the Center For Pediatric Dentistry in Washington, but that’s no use to you when you live hundreds of miles from there.

You can search online to find a pediatric dentist near you. The search results should include most children’s dentists and contact details.

However, you can speed up the process by going through a specialized organization that holds contact details of registered dentists.

There are two well known organizations which have a search facility allowing you to locate a dentist in your area.

  • American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Board Of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry

The AAPD is a recognized authority, instrumental in developing clinical guidelines and oral health policies.

They also lead the way in promoting ongoing education in general dentists who treat children, as well as pediatric dentists.

They have a search facility here: Find a Pediatric Dentist

American Board Of Pediatric Dentistry

The ABPD holds a roster of pediatric dentists who are members with them, throughout the world.

Their search facility is here: Pediatric Dentist Finder

Early introduction to a dental clinic, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a dentist who is an expert in dealing with children can only be a good thing.

Statistics regarding child dental problems and tooth decay are shocking. Apparently children are now five times more likely to have dental caries (a dental disease) than they are to have asthma.

Thanks to the many dedicated pediatric dentists, children learn not to be afraid when visiting a dental clinic. As a result they have regular dental checkups, detect problems early, and have less problems with their teeth as they grow older.

So, if you’re asking this common question, ‘Is there a pediatric dentist near me,’ you’re not alone and hopefully with our help you’ll find one.

Dental Health Videos For Kids

Finally, making the health of your teeth and dental care for children fun is a good thing.
If you struggle to get your child to brush their teeth, why not try one of the special dental health videos for kids.

A ‘brush your teeth video’ like the one below is fun for kids to watch, and the song is catchy too.