How To Stop A Toothache Fast

There’s nothing worse than a nagging pain in your teeth that you can’t seem to stop, so we want to tell you how to stop a toothache fast.

Home Remedies For A ToothacheThere are many causes of tooth pain. Some you may solve the problem easily, but in other cases it might be more difficult to treat.

For instance, pain can be cause by a cavity, a broken tooth, a tooth extraction, a slack tooth, a filling, pain from wisdom teeth, a filling that has fallen out, an abscess, etc.

There are some teeth problems that will only be solved by a visit to a dentist, but you may still be able to cure a toothache temporarily in these cases.

Basically, there are three main options for curing tooth ache;

  • home remedies for a toothache
  • home medications for toothache
  • dentists remedy for toothache

Home Remedies For A Toothache

There are many home made remedies that are said to cure tooth pain. Let’s start with the basic and easiest solutions to try.

If the pain has begun shortly after eating, it may have been caused by food debris getting lodged in a cavity. Brushing your teeth may dislodge the offending particles and the pain may disappear.

Also, using a mouthwash may help loosen any food that has been stuck between a small gap or hole in the tooth.

You could try flossing your teeth to remove any food, too. However, be gentle when flossing. Once toothache begins the gums can be incredibly sensitive, and vigorous flossing might cause the gums to bleed and cause more pain.

So, your first steps to stop a toothache fast are;

  • brush your teeth
  • use a mouth wash
  • floss your teeth

Some old fashioned home remedies for tooth pain include; rinsing the mouth with baking soda or sea salt, rubbing garlic or onion on the area of pain, and applying vanilla or almond extract.

Some home remedies advise sucking sore throat lozenges. This is probably because many of these sore throat sweets have anesthetic properties, designed to ease the pain.

Whilst these things may indeed work, take care not to exasperate the problem by using something that irritates your mouth. It’s no good stopping a toothache, but causing pain from mouth irritation.

Home Medications For Toothache

There are many ‘over the counter’ medicines for tooth ache, from toothache tinctures to clove oil.

Strong painkillers may work, and some pain killing tablets will actually state suitable for tooth ache.

Ibuprofen and aspirin are two such products, but always check the guidelines regarding existing health problems, medications, and the correct dosage.

There are gels available that numb the area, and these provide varying results. The same applies to oil of cloves.

Dentists Remedy For Toothache

When home remedies for tooth pain fail to work, then you may need to find a dentist. This is fine during normal working hours, but sometimes pain strikes in the dead of night. There are several options for how to stop a toothache at night.

You may need to search for a 24 hour emergency dentist, or a local walk in dental clinic, where you can go anytime day or night without an appointment. If this service is not available locally, then you may have a dental department in your local hospital.

All dentists know how to stop tooth pain, but some solutions are quicker than others.

First of all, the orthodontist will check what is causing the pain. This is because the cause of the tooth pain will determine the course of treatment required.

Here are some of the most likely problems and solutions:

  1. If there is dental decay you may need a filling, or to have a loose filling replaced
  2. A slack tooth which is causing pain may need to be extracted
  3. There may be an abscess which requires antibiotics

How To Stop Toothache In A Child

When children have tooth ache it presents an even bigger problem. You can’t just give children adult medications, and tooth tincture for adults may be too strong on a child’s delicate mouth.

You must use toothache medicine that states it is suitable for children, and always follow the correct dose.

The most common cause of pain in a child is a loose tooth and if the tooth is very slack it may fall out.

If a child is undergoing treatment from a pediatric dentist, then the cause of the toothache may be obvious.

Young children may find it hard to describe where the pain actually is. For instance, they may have painful gums rather than actual tooth ache. This could be because they are cutting a new tooth, but you may be lucky enough to spot the tooth just under the surface of the gum.

There are gels especially designed to rub on a child’s gum which will numb the area.

Because children are less able to deal with pain and you want to avoid them suffering, it is important to practice a good oral health regime from the beginning.

Learning how to avoid toothache is fairly easy. Proper teeth cleaning will help to protect the tooth enamel.

Many dentists recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste, which is said help remineralize the teeth forming a stronger enamel more resistant to the erosion by acids.

Things such as avoiding too many sweets and sugars, and getting regular dental checkups are also a good place to start.

You can buy travel kits for cleaning teeth and dental wipes too. Dental wipes are very useful for children when you are travelling, because they help you avoid leaving sugary substances on their teeth for too long.

Whether the pain comes after an extraction, infection, or tooth decay, practicing good oral hygiene can help prevent toothache.

No matter how often you brush your teeth there is likely to be a time in your life when you need to know how to stop a toothache fast.