How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost? Avoid The Hidden Costs

If you don’t want traditional false teeth you’re likely to look for a more permanent solution, but just how much do permanent dentures cost?

How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost? Avoid The Hidden CostsThe fact is, there are many different types of permanent teeth and therefore many different price tags too.

First, here are the most popular ‘fixed denture’ options.

  • Individual tooth implant
  • ‘All On Four’ dental implants
  • Dental Bridge

How Much Do Teeth Implants Cost

If you’ve got the appropriate dental insurance and you have a tooth knocked out, you’re not likely to ask, ‘how much is a tooth implant’. But if you don’t have dental health insurance, you could be looking upwards of $3000 per tooth implant.

Full Denture Implants Cost

Sometimes a single tooth implant is not enough, and a dental bridge may take care of several teeth together. However, sometimes all of the teeth are missing and in this case a full arch of false teeth may be required.

When permanent cosmetic dentures are required the price tag rises. Full denture implants cost may be upwards of $20,000 for one arch (full row of teeth).

Hidden Permanent Dentures Costs

The main problem with trying to confirm the cost of teeth implants, is that many independent dental clinics decide what is and is not included in the price.

For instance, many dentists will include the fitting of the dental implant, but may not include any other fees.

In some cases basic fitting of an implant is all that is required, in other cases there may be dental fees for extracting a tooth, root canal treatment, sinus surgery, or required bone grafting.

Others may list the cost of the dental bridge, but not all the treatment associated with fitting it.

If all necessary dental work isn’t included, and you need several visits for different procedures before the fitting of the permanent denture, this could escalate the final dentist’s bill dramatically.

If you’re having one tooth implant you may require local anesthetic, but if several teeth are involved you may need deeper sedation. This might incur yet another extra cost, so make sure you find out.

There are dental centers who offer dentures in one day, where you have all your treatment done in the one appointment. These clinics are a great option when you want to get it all over in one session, but it’s even more important that you clarify their total fees in advance.

Sometimes, the best option is to take advantage of a ‘no obligation’ free dentures consultation, which can then determine exactly what the final bill should be.

This way, you get to discuss whether the cost of denture implants includes everything, before making the decision to go ahead. It also gives you chance to ask questions about anything that is troubling you regarding the treatment, and inform the dental practitioner of anything they need to be aware of.

Whenever you are having invasive treatment such as permanent denture implants, extractions etc, you should tell the dentist if you are taking any medication.

Certain medications can affect how the dentist treats you. For instance, bisphosphonates, which are often used to treat osteoporosis, can affect your jaw bones, so the dental clinic must be aware you are taking them before treatment commences.

Permanent dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges are often considered to be unnecessary cosmetic requirements. However, although they are among the top dental services offered by cosmetic dentistry practices, they are often an essential solution to a serious problem.

You can find dental services to match all budgets these days. Just as you can buy DIY denture kits to make your own dentures, find dentures for low income households, and get low cost or free dental treatment; so you can also choose to have the best and latest dental bridge or implant.

The basic permanent dentures will naturally have a lower price tag, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the cost of implant dentures relates solely to the quality.

The average cost of dentures can be very different for many reasons. Prices can vary according to location, to the services included, and even to the popularity of the dental practice.

Due to the upsurge in reality shows doing smile makeovers, more men and women of all ages are choosing to change their appearance. Permanent dentures and other oral treatments can play a huge role in changing your appearance and your confidence.

It’s a big decision and you want to get it right, even if the ‘before and after dentures’ pictures are very convincing.

If you were looking to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you’d make sure you knew exactly what you were buying before you parted with a cent.

When you are looking at getting permanent false teeth, make sure you ask the dentist, “How much do permanent dentures cost, and what does that cost include?”