How Can Seniors Reduce Their Dentist Bills?

It seems that many retirees dip into their life savings to pay for dental services after they retire, so how can seniors reduce their dentist bills.

How Can Seniors Reduce Their Dentist Bills?Almost half of all pensioners are unable to pay for major treatment at the dentist, according to a survey.

As people move on to retirement, they may find that the dental insurance plans they had in their workplace cease, and they no longer have dental cover.

Whilst Medicare may help with dental bills for some low income patients, many more fall just above the threshold and have to fund treatment themselves.

Other seniors find they must use up the savings they have amassed over many years to pay for treatment not covered by a dental plan.

One person spent around one hundred thousand dollars over a ten year period for various dental treatments, while her dental cover only allowed one thousand dollars per annum.

If you are one of the large number of recently retired who are wondering how they can pay for dental care, there are some suggestions.

Some of the many ways to cover the cost of dental treatment are:

  • Dental Discount Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • Payment Plan With A Dentist

Dental Discount Plan

You will probably pay a regular or annual fee, and then get discounted dental treatment at participating dentists. Discount plans for dental treatment vary, as do the discounts offered.

Dental Insurance

It may be possible to get a discounted rate for dentist cover once you retire, depending on where you live. Fees will vary, so it’s worth discovering all alternatives before taking out coverage.

Payment Plan With A Dentist

There are various payment plans which may be on offer at dental clinics, so you can spread the cost of your treatment. Some dentists offer discounts for seniors, and if you can get a discount and spread the cost it could take the financial pressure off.

Other Ways To Cut Dental Costs

There are other ways to cut dental costs, including watching out for special ‘discount days’ at dental clinics.

You can also save money by checking out local dental schools, where trainee dentists may do the work for free or at a highly reduced cost.

For seniors on a low income, there may be an opportunity to get free dental work at one of the many events run by charities. The treatment offered varies, with some events offering free checkups, cleaning, and fillings. Other events offer extractions, and even dentures.

There are ways to cut the cost of dentures, with kits to make new dentures, reline your existing false teeth, or repair them.

It’s always important to look after your teeth, but good oral hygiene habits will go a long way to helping your teeth to last.

Untreated oral problems can lead onto other issues, from oral candidiasis and gum disease, to other more serious health problems.

Time rushes past so quickly, and if you have no dental cover and need false teeth, you could be facing big bills. So it pays to do your homework before something happens, not after.

When the time comes that you lose your existing teeth and need new dentures, if you’ve already worked out your options it’ll take the pressure off.