Half Of Adults Have Not Been Seen By A Dentist

Statistics from Wales reveal that only 52% of adults received dental treatment in the past 2 years, even though that figure represents an improvement over recent years. This highlights a problem with the availability of NHS Dentists in Wales.

A health spokesperson said: “It’s obvious from the number of people who are still unable to find an NHS dentist, even for children, that we need to increase the NHS capacity even further.”

In the distant past you could set up a dental practice anywhere, but now you have to go where there’s a NHS contract, but the Welsh government have stated that 1392 NHS dentists are now working in Wales compared to only 1186 dentists 7 years ago.

These days, every health area in Wales has a Local Oral Health Plan which monitors the dental help delivered and also the furtherance of good oral health for the next few years.