Free Tooth Removal For Kids

You don’t have to look too far to find new and different ways to pull teeth.

Free Tooth Removal For KidsThe latest in a serious of diy dentistry events involves a father and his 8 year old son in Florida. The father attached a considerable length of dental floss to his son’s tooth. He then attached the dental floss to the rear of his Chevrolet.

Naturally the Youtube video of this child’s free tooth extraction is set to go viral, but this type of event is not unique.

There was the case of a father who removed his 7 year old son’s tooth by tying dental floss to a golf ball, then attaching the other end to the offending tooth. A whack of the ball and the tooth was removed.

Then there was the case of a father who removed his 8 year old son’s milk tooth, with the help of a large amount of dental floss and a remote controlled helicopter.

Whilst there are rumors that many events are staged in order to achieve international fame, it’s clear that many cases are true.

Although diy tooth removal is nothing new, methods are becoming more outrageous.

Many will remember the long held tradition of tying a length of cotton thread to a slack tooth and attaching the other end of the cotton to a door handle.

In many cases a slack tooth is successfully removed, hopefully with no lasting consequences. However, one must stop to consider unforeseen circumstances of removing a tooth yourself.

Thread or dental floss can be harsh on the gums when used incorrectly. Now, consider the effect of dental floss on a child’s gums when jerked forcefully at speed. After all, we are not talking of a gentle tug with the hand, but rather an accelerating vehicle or fast moving golf ball.

Some would see a visit the dentist to remove a small tooth unnecessary, and many want to avoid a dental bill for such a service. However, there are various options for free tooth extraction.

How Do You Get Free Extractions?

In some areas, dental organisations visit schools to provide checkups on childrens teeth, and free treatment to qualifying patients.

Free dental kits may also be offered for children to take care of their teeth.

With many parents not having any dental insurance, it’s often an entire family who are in need of low cost or no cost treatment. Finding free tooth removal for kids is vital in these cases, as tooth decay is common in children.

Special events are held throughout the year in various locations, with some offering treatments to adults, to children, or both.

Often a child’s tooth will drop out while they are chewing something hard, and after a small amount of bleeding there are no further problems.

Perhaps better to use the internet to explore options for free dental treatments, than to explore sometimes risky methods of pulling teeth.