Free Fillings, Extractions, Cleaning

In a harsh economic climate, health and dental insurance are not the number one priority, so on Saturday, the Aspen Dental office on Dawsonville Highway in Gainesville offered patients free dental treatments.

“I think this is a very exciting time for our company because we have started this initiative to be able to give patients and people the dental care that they need,” said Samantha Porter.

Typical services offered on Saturday included fillings, extractions, and teeth cleaning. All the dental workers volunteered their time.

The patients with toothache were happy to receive their free treatments, as that pain can be unbearable.

“We give them handout which includes options and other ways to continue getting their dental care.”

As many patients as possible were treated on Saturday, especially those who needed urgent dental treament. If patients in pain can’t afford to visit the dentist, they go to the emergency room on weekends as it can be difficult to find a dentist open at weekends to fix their pain. more