Do Teeth Implants Hurt?

Dental implants are one of the most requested forms of cosmetic dentistry, and one of the most common concerns is “do teeth implants hurt“.

Everyone experiences pain in their own way, and therefore it is impossible to answer this question categorically, one way or another.

Do Teeth Implants Hurt?Also, you may be having one permanent tooth or several teeth, and this will all have a bearing on the discomfort experienced.

Before the procedure commences you will be given either general or local anesthetic.

In most cases, local anesthetic is all that is required. However, if there is a considerable amount of work to be carried out, or the process is more complicated then a general anesthetic may be discussed.

The anesthetic will freeze or numb the area that is being treated, meaning that you shouldn’t feel anything that the dentist is doing during treatment.

If you suffer from a dental phobia or anxiety, you can opt for sedation dentistry, or another form of relaxation therapy before treatment commences.

Generally speaking, after the treatment is completed dental patients usually describe pain as mild to moderate, and easily alleviated with over the counter pain killers.

As the jaw bone will have been drilled in order to fix the metal posts in place, there might be some discomfort felt in the jaw area. This may be similar to the pain and tenderness felt after a tooth extraction.

The gum area may be a little tender, as your dentist needs to fix the false teeth firmly into place on the posts or pegs, and the tissue in that area can often be delicate.

Most dental patients will only experience discomfort for a day or two after treatment. However, if the work was particularly complicated or invasive, then it is normal to experience pain for around a week after treatment.

Again, regular painkillers used to treat common pain will usually alleviate any discomfort felt, although your dentist may have already supplied you with a prescription if they thought it necessary.

So, although there might be some degree of pain associated with the dental implants procedure, it should not be severe or long lasting.

Most patients agree that the end results are more than worth the inconvenience, which is probably why it continues to be one of the most desired cosmetic dental procedures.