Which Denture Services Are Right For You?

Whether you have natural teeth or you have lost them and now have false teeth, when you have a dental problem you will need to find a dentist. All dentists should have equal experience in both denture services and many these days offer sleep dentistry for those with a dental phobia.

Denture ServicesThere are so many types of dentures available these days, from the basic traditional removable dentures, to the latest developments in soft flexible dentures. There are also affordable dental options such as dental implants, porcelain crowns and partial dentures.

You may have a large proportion of your own teeth but have one or two missing teeth. In this case you will need a partial denture, and again you can choose to have a removable bridge, denture implants, or teeth that are fixed into place via adjoining teeth.

Denture Or Dental Implants

Denture or dental implants are generally installed by a regular dentist, and unless there is an awkward problem that makes it difficult to put in the implants there is no need to see a dedicated denture dentist. However, cosmetic dental procedures are becoming so popular now that some cosmetic dentists often specialize in installing permanent dentures.

Full and partial dentures can be fixed permanently into your mouth. Denture implants cost will depend on the materials used, the amount of replacement teeth needed, and even your geographical area.

Money is often tight these days, but it would be unrealistic to expect to find free dental implants out there, although there are charitable organizations that provide limited help to those in need. Some clinics even provide free dentures for the poor, although they will usually be basic acrylic false teeth.

Many regular dentists do try to keep their dentures cost down as much as possible. Also, dentists know that patients have many dentists to choose from, so they need to be competitive.

If you shop around affordable dentistry services can usually be found, even for things like crowns and permanent dentures.

By checking out the denture services available in your area, or travelling a little bit further, you should be able to save some cash and find a dental clinic who can provide affordable dentures.

Of course it’s also possible to try repairing your own teeth, or even get a kit for making your own dentures.

Denture Repair

Should your false teeth break suddenly you have the choice of trying to mend them yourself with a home denture repair kit. However, you can have the job done properly and quickly by locating a dentist that offers emergency dental care via a walk in dental clinic.

At a dental services walk in clinic the false teeth can be repaired while you wait. If they are very old, the repair might simply be a stop-gap to allow you to have a new set of false teeth made.

If the broken teeth look beyond repair then there is yet another alternative. Many denture service providers offer a one day service where you can get dentures in a day.

Denture Reline Procedure

If you have had your dentures for a long time they probably don’t fit as well as they used to. This is because the mouth and gums change as we get older. In time the once snugly fitting false teeth may become slack and move around when you are eating, talking, or laughing.

Ill fitting dentures can also lead you to suffer from a sore mouth, as the false teeth rub against your gums or the inside surface of your mouth.

You may have found dental implants cost prohibitive or you might simply not wish to have permanent dentures. The denture reline procedure involves adding new material to the surface of the old dentures so that they fit better.

If you’re hanging on to a set of cheap dentures that you got two decades ago, they probably don’t fit too well at all. There are temporary DIY solutions for slack dentures such as denture glue and fixatives. Then there are denture reline kits to use at home. Another alternative is to get your teeth relined by an expert.

Even though one of the most common denture services to deal with badly fitting teeth is relining dentures, sometimes if the dentures are quite old then a denture reline is not the answer. It may then be a much better idea to opt for a new set of false teeth. You will be able to choose from basic removable teeth and a variety of other dentures.

Even the most basic false teeth can look quite realistic and can be color matched to any existing teeth that you still have.

Acrylic Denture Alternatives

When you have a sore mouth due to your hard acrylic dentures, but your dentures fit quite well, there are alternatives. You might have already tried dental cushions, or tried using tons of denture adhesive, without any luck.

If these solutions haven’t taken care of your sore mouth then you could opt for flexible soft dentures. These are not at all like the old fashioned teeth and can be much more comfortable in the mouth. Most denture clinics will have information on the benefits of flexible false teeth.

Some dental insurance does not cover all types of dentures, so it’s best to check out your cover with your insurance provider.

If you still have some of your own teeth, you can have partial dentures. Any cavities can be filled, with choices including naturally white and amalgam fillings. A top or a lower denture will be made to match your existing teeth.

Whether partial or full dentures, you will have choices to consider. The materials they are made of, and whether you want a series of appointments or your false teeth the same day.

Many dental centers will offer a same day service, and the quality should be every bit as good. Your false teeth should still look natural, and be color matched to fit closely with any remaining teeth you have. You are simply having several visits exchanged for one, with extractions, fillings and dentures fitted at the same time. Having immediate characterized dentures is often the choice of the busy person, or person with a dental phobia.

This is a small selection of the many denture services that a dental clinic can provide. The days are long gone when you have to put up with uncomfortable false looking teeth. You can now have natural looking teeth, even if they are not your own.