Fix My Teeth With Dental Tooth Bonding

There is a procedure that can help many people fix their teeth, and that is dental tooth bonding.

What Is Tooth Bonding?

Dental Tooth BondingNot everyone has perfect teeth; in fact rarely will you find a beautiful set of natural teeth that haven’t had some help with their appearance.

Most of these people just walked into their dental clinic and asked “how can you fix my teeth?”

The dentist has a wide range of choices to offer a dental patient, but some are better known than others.

Whether it’s using teeth whitening products, getting veneers for teeth, having a dental crown procedure, or undergoing dental implant surgery, everyone needs a little help to get that perfect smile.

A process that’s not so well known is dental teeth bonding, sometimes known as composite resin bonding.

Composite resin is color matched and used to repair teeth or improve the appearance of teeth.

The main purpose of bonding teeth is to;

  • change shape of tooth
  • change color of tooth
  • close tooth gap
  • repair chipped tooth

Dental bonding front teeth can hide a nasty tooth gap or repair a noticeable chipped front tooth, giving you back the confident smile you may have lost.

For a small chipped tooth repair, a porcelain crown may seem a little excessive. By bonding teeth with resin the chip is hidden, but without the extra tooth crown cost.

The process of teeth bonding can be over in as little as an hour, from start to finish.

How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

The cost of dental bonding is actually less expensive than many other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Unlike many other treatments, tooth bonding can be completed during one dental appointment, by a regular dentist. So that cuts down the cost of repeat appointments.

When complex dental cosmetic surgery is undertaken, it requires the assistance of a specialist in the field. If the damaged tooth was due to bruxism it could be easier to fix.

When you choose to have cosmetic teeth bonding it is a much more straightforward procedure.

Using a special resin to change the appearance of teeth rather than cosmetic teeth covers (dental crowns), is a quicker, cheaper, and easier solution to minor problems.

Dentists’ websites quote prices starting around $100 up to $600, which is a big difference. The cost will usually depend on the complexity of the work involved.

With cost of porcelain veneers sometimes running at upwards of $700 per tooth,  the process of bonding teeth costs much less.

The other alternatives, such as snap on veneers which cost little money, have restrictions regarding eating etc.

Who Can Have Dental Teeth Bonding?

Just about anyone of any age can possible have tooth bonding treatment.

In fact, many pediatric dental experts say that the process is ideal for dealing with the results of bruxism, thumb sucking, and babies’ feeding bottle or pacifier tooth decay.

Bonding teeth with resin often requires no anesthetic, depending on the type of dental treatment involved.

Although composite bonding may be used for fillings, if we’re talking about invasive works like severe root canal treatments, then anesthetic may be required.

Likewise, if a patient suffers from a phobia of dental treatment they may also require some form of sedation.

The ability to color match composite resin for bonding teeth makes it a huge benefit, both practically and cosmetically.

How Long Will Teeth Bonding Results Last?

Finally,just as with amalgam fillings, crowns, or veneers, every person is different. Though one person may find themselves with a broken dental crown after two years, another person’s crown may last twenty.

Although some dentistry experts give a life expectancy of around ten years, high quality materials mean that the results of dental teeth bonding potentially could last twice as long, or longer.