Dental Services A to Z

There are many technical terms relating to dental services, but when you understand what those terms mean, it takes away any concerns. This A to Z will not only take you directly to the topic you are interested in, but should leave you with a clearer understanding of your chosen topic.

Dental Services A-Z


Abscessed Tooth – A tooth abscess can be very painful, but recognizing the symptoms and knowing the treatment required, could help you relieve the pain sooner.

Air Abrasion – The use of this technique is welcome to those patients who want to avoid the dentist’s drill.


Bone Grafting – This dental procedure may be used for a variety of reasons, such as before the fitting of denture implants.


Checkup – Having a dental check will not only help keep your teeth in shape, but can show up problems before they become more serious.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment – The field of cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of dental services, from very simple to very complex treatments.


Dental Braces – A retainer for teeth may be required by someone of any age, although most commonly used in childhood and adolescence.

Dental Hospital – Where a wide range of procedures can be performed by a variety of specialists.

Dental Sealants – Used for multiple purposes, particularly in children.

Dental Stomatitis – Has various causes and treatments, and is particularly commoon in denture wearers.

Denture Liners – Available both off the shelf, and professionally made, to make false teeth more comfortable and fit better.

Denture Care – Looking after your false teeth will make them look and feel better, and help prolong their life.

Dry Socket – A condition experienced after having a tooth removed, but what causes it, and how can it be treated.


Extractions – What can you expect during and after getting a tooth pulled?


Fear – Being frightened of the dentist is quite common, but there are successful ways to deal with the problem.

Flossing Teeth – Most experts would agree that this practice is a valuable part of oral hygiene, when correctly praticed.

Fluoride And Teeth – What are the benefits of water fluoridation with regard to dental health?

Fluoride Toothpaste – What effect does it have on tooth enamel?

Free Dental Treatment – There is some help out there for people who cannot afford treatment, although it is not as readily available as some would like. Free treatment days are one option.


Gap In Teeth – There are several ways to get rid of the gap, when that is the desired result.

Grinding Teeth – This problem can lead to damage, and therefore the causes and cures are important in to protect teeth from further erosion.

Gum Disease – This can be a painful condition in many cases, and needs to be handled properly.


Implants – Dental implants are a very common form of cosmetic treatment, and are often popular with patients who still have natural teeth, and want something to blend in naturally.

Insurance – The cost of it may be a concern, and getting treatment without it will require more investigation. Therefore, discovering how to keep the costs down and afford it is useful.


Knocked Out Teeth – Some people think that once a tooth has been knocked out it is lost forever, but this is not always the case.


Laser Gum Surgery – This procedure is often used in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Low Cost Dental Care – There are several ways to discover treatment at either free or low cost, depending on your location and personal circumstances.


Medical Conditions And Oral Health – There is often a link between health, medications, and dental health.

Metal Free Fillings – There are choices between amalgam and other materials for fillings.


Necrosis – In dentistry terms, this word relates to a jaw problem. See osteonecrosis, below.

No Dental Cover – If you have no cover then you may need to look at alternative ways to get your treatment. There are possible options available.


Oil Pulling – This ancient art has many experts debating the benefits.

Oral Cancer – A serious condition which can be treated, so it’s important to know the early symptoms in order to get proper treatment.

Oral Hygiene – No one should underestimate the importance of dental hygiene for young and old, in the protection of teeth.

Osteonecrosis – A condition of the jaw that has multiple causes and solutions.


Pediatric Dentist – What is this type of specialist, what do they do, when and why are they needed?

Permanent Dentures – The option for people who choose not to have traditional removable false teeth.

Phantom Tooth Pain – Sometimes the cause of toothache may not be a specific tooth.

Phobia – It may be a particular thing that causes a fear of the dentist, but when that fear is more serious, it requires the right help.

Porcelain Veneers – One option to transform the appearance of the teeth, without replacing them.

Pregnancy Dental Care – Getting the right treatment when you are pregnant is important.


Root Canal – Sometimes toothache stems from the canal of the tooth, and may involve an infection. The root canal treatment procedure is sometimes considered to be more complex.


Same Day Dentures – Waiting for new false teeth can take some time, but not if you choose to get the treatment done in one day.

Sedation Dentistry – Ideal for patients suffering from fears and phobias, it allows treatment to be completed without the stress.

Sensitive Teeth – A painful condition that can be alleviated, and in some cases avoided.

Stop Toothache – Dental pain can have a variety of causes, but regardless of the cause every sufferer will want to stop it fast.


Teeth Implants – Some patients want their new teeth to be permanently fixed in place, rather than removable dentures.

Tooth Stain Removal – Whatever the cause of stained teeth, there are several options to get rid of them.

Teeth Whitening – Teeth can be whitened at home or professionally by a dental expert.

Tooth Bonding – Damaged teeth may be suitable for repair using this procedure.


Walk In Clinic – What are they, why are they important, and why are they in such demand with so many dental patients?

Wisdom Teeth – There are problems that particularly relate to these teeth, and sometimes this leads to removal.