Dental Sealants For Kids

Although they’ve been around for more than fifty years, there is a growing interest in the use of dental sealants for kids.

Stop Tooth Decay In ChildrenTooth decay and cavities are a growing problem, due to diet and many other factors.

The controversy surrounding fluoride in the water, and other products such as toothpastes, have led many people to avoid using fluoride mouthwashes, toothpaste, and dental floss.

Fluoride has long been used to help prevent tooth decay, just as sealants have long been used to help protect the teeth from decay.

What Are Sealants For Teeth?

  • A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating, which may be clear or white in color
  • It is used for the prevention of dental caries and other decaying issues
  • The coating is simply painted on during a quick and painless process.

How Do Protective Teeth Coatings Work?

Everything you eat and drink leaves its mark. Plaque and other bacteria can develop on the teeth and gums, causing acid to eat away at the enamel surface.

When tooth enamel is damaged the decay will swiftly escalate, and if left untreated the tooth has to be removed.

The coating protects the tooth by preventing food and other corrosive materials getting into tiny crevices.

This applies especially to the back teeth, which are particularly hard to clean. Sealants on molars can prevent tooth decay considerably.

Molars first generally appear when a child is around seven years old, and as molar tooth decay in children is such a common problem, it’s a good idea to protect them as much as possible.

Even parents who teach kids excellent oral health practices can’t guarantee there isn’t a vulnerable spot in their child’s teeth.

While dental decay in children is much more easily treated these days, it’s much better to do everything you can to prevent it happening in the first place.

Teeth Sealants Facts

A tooth sealant:

  • May last up to ten years
  • Can be applied in minutes
  • Is painless and requires no sedation.

Improving Dental Health For Kids

There have been many initiatives to improve the dental health of children, and there are many schemes running at any given time.

Free and low cost treatment days are held at many dentists, and one of the many services offered is free sealants for children.

When finances are stretched it’s hard to decide where to cut back. If you have limited or no insurance cover, taking advantage of a special treatment day could be the answer.

Dental disease can range from a minor cavity to a major condition such as jaw osteonecrosis, but whenever there is a problem with teeth there is pain.

It’s easy to transmit our fear of the dentist to a child, especially if we’ve had a bad experience in the past. However, it’s important to make a visit to the dentist a good experience for a child.

Threatening a child that, ‘if they don’t look after their teeth they’ll have to go to the dentist’, could convince them that a dental clinic is a terrible place and frighten them.

Make cleaning teeth fun for children and you will achieve better results.

Anything that can be done to maintain healthy teeth and gums and avoid toothache and decay is important, especially in children.

Many States are encouraging incentives, such as the distribution of oral hygiene booklets and free dental kits for kids in schools.

Dental Health Tips For Kids Teeth

  • Make sure they get used to brushing their teeth early in life
  • Make sure they keep sugary foods to a minimum
  • Get their teeth checked regularly, taking advantage of free treatment sessions.

Most of us know just how distressing having a tooth pulled can be, and that’s just one more reason why dental sealants for kids are a great idea.