Top Three Reasons For Choosing Cosmetic Dentures

There has been a huge growth in ordinary people using their savings to pay for cosmetic dentures.

Cosmetic DenturesThe denture wearer has changed, and is no longer prepared to put up with badly fitting and uncomfortable teeth.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentures?

Natural Looking Teeth

Men and women no longer want to look like they have false teeth. Instead they want natural looking dentures, and that’s exactly what they can have.

Modern cosmetic dentures are designed to look remarkably like natural teeth. They are color matched to your existing teeth.

If you have discolored natural teeth, they can be whitened before your new dentures are color matched.

Where you have to have a full set of dentures, you also have the advantage of choosing glistening pearly white teeth.

Comfortable Dentures

Wobbling ill fitting false teeth are generally a thing of the past.

The hard plastic dentures we saw our grandparents wear often caused mouth ulcers.

You can now get flexible dentures that are soft and comfortable in your mouth.

These soft dentures are custom made using flexible materials which fit your gums very closely.

Permanent Dentures

Many denture wearers hate eating in public, for fear of embarrassment.

They live with the image of their teeth falling out, or food getting stuck under their false teeth.

Now there is yet another cosmetic dental option, fixed dentures.

Fixed dentures will stay in place, allowing you to eat what you want without the fear of wobbling teeth.

With modern day cosmetic dental implants those fears can become a thing of the past.

Instead of removable dentures, you can have implant dentures. These false teeth are held in place by permanently fixing them into the jaw bone.

Once in place tooth implants will look just like your real teeth, and you won’t have to worry about them not staying in place.

With the rise in cosmetic dental clinics comes a wider range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Crowns, dental implants, and teeth straightening have now been joined by a whole host of modern dentures.

Do you want to:

  • Have natural looking teeth
  • Have comfortable teeth
  • Have fixed dentures

Most dental clinics who offer cosmetic treatments will offer a consultation to discuss your options.

For all the benefits it’s certainly worth checking out your options in cosmetic dentures.

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