Considering Dental Implants?

For those people who have lost one or more teeth, or whose teeth are too badly damaged to be repaired, the use of dental implants will make a real difference.

Dental Implants?You may even be considering having a dental makeover. But before you go ahead, there are important things you need to know.

If you opt for dentures to replace missing teeth or just one a missing tooth, they can be simple removable false teeth. However the fitting of a dental implant is an invasive procedure, although generally relatively straight forward.

A dental prosthesis can be made to replace a missing tooth, but another choice would be having an implanted tooth. An implant supported replacement tooth can sit amongst the natural adjacent teeth, and if color matched correctly nobody will know.

Dental Implant Procedure

This cosmetic dentistry procedure involves the fixing of a post into the jawbone, which allows a crown or denture bridge to be fitted into place. The post is generally made from titanium.

The quality of the jawbone needs to be sufficient to hold the post securely in place. It is the job of the cosmetic dentist to make sure that this is the case before he or she goes ahead with the procedure. X rays can determine the quality of the bone.

Periodontal diseaseneeds to be considered, as the health of the gums is often a qualifying factor.

If the bone quality is acceptable then treatment can go ahead.

If you are requiring a full mouth restoration then you will need multiple posts to hold the teeth into place.

Where permanent dentures are being used, mini dental implants will hold the false teeth in position. The teeth will not need to be removed at night and will only be removed when you or your dentist want them to be.

Affordable Dental Implants

Maybe there was a time when this option was only available to those with plenty of cash. However, today dental implants cost is within reach of most people.

If you have missing teeth but you don’t have dentistry insurance cover, you can still find affordable replacement teeth. Some dentists offer payment schemes to spread the cost of your treatment.

Different materials are used to make the teeth, and even cheap dental implants are perfectly adequate for many people. However, the materials used will likely affect the longevity of the teeth, so questions need to be answered regarding this.

Whenever you are comparing the price from one dentists services to another make sure you are comparing the same thing. It’s no good comparing the budget tooth at one clinic to the top of the range tooth at another.

Prices will vary depending on where you live, the dentist you use, the extent of your damaged teeth, and the type of tooth implant.

On average the highest price tag per tooth can be around five times that of the lowest, so shop around to get the best price.

Without knowing the precise amount of work or materials involved, it’s impossible to accurately state the cost of dental implants. However, you can get a rough idea by contacting several dentists, and a consultation with a qualified dentist or expert in implant dentistry, should result in a more accurate quote.

Deciding to opt for dental implants rather than natural removable dentures, is both a matter of choice and suitability.