Gift Of New False Teeth From A Stranger

Hardworking waiter, Brian Maixner, was rewarded by a kind hearted customer, who offered to pay for his dental treatment. Mr. Maixner, who is a single father from Wichita, had suffered from dental problems since his childhood, but thanks to the kindness of an attorney from Kansas and a variety of […] Read more »

Free Treatment At New Mobile Dental Unit

A mobile dental unit is set to treat thousands of dental patients in the near future. There will be a wide range of dental treatments offered to patients, although people with more complicated dental procedures will possibly be referred to elsewhere for treatment. The joint enterprise has resulted in a […] Read more »

Who Uses Dental Wipes?

There seems to be an increase in the numbers of people using dental wipes on a regular basis, but who’s using them? Even though eating some food helps avoid tooth decay, it’s nice to have a treat once in a while. If we are eating elsewhere, we may be used […] Read more »

Children Get Dental Care For Free

Many dental clinics offer special events to treat uninsured patients, and some also offer children’s dental care for free. One New Jersey dental organization provides treatment for uninsured children at an annual event. Children between the ages of four and twelve can get have the extractions or fillings they need. […] Read more »

Should You Extract Wisdom Teeth?

It has often been a matter of course, for dentists to deal with wisdom teeth problems by simply removing them. The problems of removing an impacted wisdom tooth can sometimes be complicated, and the pain that comes with the impacted tooth can be excruciating. However, opinions are changing, with some […] Read more »

Free Teeth Restorations And Other Dentistry

A two day even is set to take place in Oklahoma, where free extractions, dental hygiene services, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, and much more, will be carried out. The Oklahoma Missions of Mercy will be providing the treatment for people who have no access to dental care, for various reasons. […] Read more »

Non Insured Can Get Fillings, Extractions, Dentures For Free

There are a growing number of nonprofit organizations around who provide free dental procedures for residents in their area. As times get harder, looking after your teeth can be the last thing on your mind. Toothache is something that many adults have to put up with, as they can’t afford […] Read more »

Free Kids Dental Treatment At Mobile Clinic

When the mobile dental clinic rolled into Sonoma Valley recently it helped over one hundred children get the free dental treatment and services they needed, but could not afford. The Christina’s Smile Children’s Dental Clinic has been providing free treatment for 25 years, providing a range of dental services such […] Read more »

Kids Dental Hygiene Survey Shows Major Problems

Over seventy percent of children aren’t regularly brushing their teeth, according to a survey, and many of their parents think it’s no big deal. We all know that sticking to an oral hygiene program isn’t always easy. Rushing around in the morning is commonplace in many households, and remembering to […] Read more »

New Dental Department Offers Free Treatments

The Good Shepherd clinic, a registered charity that already provides free medical care to eligible patients in Dawson, now has a dental clinic which provides free dental services. The much needed dental center, which relies on volunteers and donations, will provide a variety of dental services. Services will not include […] Read more »