Can You Get Free Braces For Adults?

Although there are some places that offer kids braces free, there are rarely any opportunities to get free braces for adults.

The need to straighten teeth may be more common in children and young adults, but it is not exclusively so. Often a slight problem has existed since childhood, but for whatever reason the teeth have not been straightened.
Can You Get Free Braces For Adults?

The years go by, and the minor problem gets worse. Eventually, the problem needs to be addressed, but finances don’t always permit.

Therefore, finding affordable braces for adults can be a real issue.

The problem is that even those who have medical and dental cover find it’s just not enough.

When they investigate further, they discover that it goes nowhere near the cost of their dental treatment and may only cover 25 to 50 percent of the cost.

Other insurance plans only covers limited essential dental work. Straightening teeth seems to be classed as cosmetic dental treatment, rather than essential.

There will be very few free dental clinics who provide adult braces, as dental work generally relates to essential services such as extractions and fillings.

Although there are a variety of childrens programs, there are few if any free braces programs for adults. Therefore, it falls to the patient themselves to search for ways to find a low cost alternative.

You can search for federally-funded health centers, which may provide dental services for which you pay a reduced amount based on your income.

Then there are the ‘Safety Net Dental Clinics’, who provide low cost dental services on an income related sliding scale. They provide care to those who have no insurance, as well as accepting Medicaid. Each clinic has their own application procedure, as well as their own eligibility rules.

The Department of Social Services is another organization that might have information on low cost dental services.

As many people have no cover or savings at all, the opportunity to be able to get cheap braces for adults without insurance is essential. When a really cheap option is not available, the next best alternative is to spread the payments for your treatment.

Some orthodontists will give you the option to make affordable monthly payments, but may ask for a down payment initially.

Finding affordable braces for adults may take time and effort, but there are options available. Finding them for free, is rather more difficult.