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Offering free advice on dental issues including: extractions, fillings, toothache, dentures, cosmetic work, free clinics, low income dental work, dental phobia, pain free sedation, children's dentistry, and much more.

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My recent articles about dental services are listed below:

Dentures In One Hour

The increasing need for quick dental treatment has led to the development of new techniques and materials. Where one you would have had repeated dental appointments to get your new teeth, now you can get new dentures in as little as one hour. This option retains all qualities of a […] Read more »

Dental Services A to Z

Dental Services A-Z

There are many technical terms relating to dental services, but when you understand what those terms mean, it takes away any concerns. This A to Z will not only take you directly to the topic you are interested in, but should leave you with a clearer understanding of your chosen […] Read more »

Why Soak Dentures?

Why Soak Dentures?

There appears to be a number of denture wearers who have never been advised on the reasons why they should soak their dentures, when they remove them for a period of time. There is plenty of advice about caring for false teeth, and you’re always advised about soaking dentures overnight, […] Read more »

Toothache Caused By Scuba Diving

A recent report, in a well known dental journal, has detailed the connection between toothache and other dental problems during or after scuba diving. If you have current issues with dental caries, broken crowns, a dental implant, fillings or other dental problems, you may not have realized there is a […] Read more »

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are a number of products you can choose to help you whiten teeth, but having the job done professionally is said to give maximum results. The latest whitening gels use a gentle form of hydrogen peroxide, which uses the oxygen ions it creates to remove any surface stains. It […] Read more »

No Dental Care For Millions

It seems that despite the increase in help to find affordable dental treatment, the problem continues to rise. Some of the latest figures state that: Over sixty million Americans under retirement age have no dental insurance Over forty million American Seniors have no dental insurance Then we have to consider […] Read more »

What Is Dental Bone Grafting?

What Is Dental Bone Grafting?

Many times, you might read of a bone graft being performed in dentistry, but what is dental bone grafting and when is it necessary? The jawbone supports natural teeth, and it needs to be strong in order to hold teeth in place. If you are considering dental implants or a […] Read more »

Do Teeth Implants Hurt?

Do Teeth Implants Hurt?

Dental implants are one of the most requested forms of cosmetic dentistry, and one of the most common concerns is “do teeth implants hurt“. Everyone experiences pain in their own way, and therefore it is impossible to answer this question categorically, one way or another. Also, you may be having […] Read more »

Can You Get Free Braces For Adults?

Can You Get Free Braces For Adults

Although there are some places that offer kids braces free, there are rarely any opportunities to get free braces for adults. The need to straighten teeth may be more common in children and young adults, but it is not exclusively so. Often a slight problem has existed since childhood, but […] Read more »

Free Dental Clinics For The Uninsured

Recent figures appear to show that around one hundred million people in the USA. It seems that Americans are still can’t afford dental treatment, in spite of the affordable care act. Thankfully, one there are several organizations who provide free dental clinics for the uninsured, as well as the underinsured. […] Read more »