30 Patients Get Free Dentures

Students of the Dugoni School of Dentistry provided 30 patients with a complete set of free dentures.

The annual event, which commenced in 2010, hopes to help even more patients who can’t afford dentures each year, subject to funding being available.

It is funded in part through the generosity of private donors David and Jane Jackson, the Middleton Foundation and Richard and Linda Leao; corporate support from Salesforce.com and the Myerson Corporation; and interest from an endowment from Henry Sutro. The Dugoni School contributes support staff, supplies and other clinic resources.

The students gain a great satisfaction from the positive responses they receive from the quality treatment given which has changed patients lives. The patients have expressed their gratitude for the denture services provided, but also for the total dental care that they received.

The Dugoni School hopes to continue the program due to overwhelming positive feedback from all involved.



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